Vilebrequin is a French luxury brand specializing in  swimwear and ready-to-wear for men and women  The brand was created in 1971 in Saint Tropez by Fred Prysquel, a photographer and sports automobile journalist. The brand has stores in Saint-Tropez, Paris, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Milan, Monte Carlo, New York City, and Washington DC, among others. It was due to Prysquel's passion for automobiles that he named his brand, Vilebrequin, the French word for "crankshaft".


In 1971, Fred Prysquel, photographer and automobile journalist, sketched and cut out a swimsuit design from a paper tablecloth in a Saint Tropezian café. Inspired by the swimsuits of surfers at the time, he created a longer boxer short style much different than the shorter and fitted swimsuits of that period. Designed from spinnaker cloth, his l swimsuit was bright, original and designed to dry quickly in the sun. 

In 1991, fellow Tropezian and textile worker, Loïc Berthet, took over the brand and added new styles and models. To men's swim trunks, he added a back pocket secured with Velcro, eyelet holes made from a stainless alloy, Zamac, and a cotton lining.

In 1994, Vilebrequin expanded its collection to include boys' garments.